Land of Arkansas

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Land of Arkansas for sale!

We’ve found that every state has qualities which set it apart, lend it a wonder, and Arkansas is certainly no exception. Arkansas is a land of thick, rich forests, and fertile plains. there are valleys, and the contrasting mountains.

Here are some properties available right now in Arkansas:

There are lowlands, which actually are two distinct regions, the Grand Prairie and the Delta. The Delta has been formed by countless flood cycles of the Mississippi River. Beyond the reach of the floods, the Grand Prairie is an expanse of rolling landscape. Both the Delta and the Grand Prairie are exceptionally rich and fertile agricultural lands.

Here is a live Google map which you can use to learn more about the layout of the land in relation to cities, towns, highways, and natural features.
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Here is some additional information to help you utilize the land of Arkansas as an investment.
Arkansas is a land of mountains and valleys, thick forests and fertile plains. The so-called Lowlands are better known by names of their two regions, the Delta and the Grand Prairie. The Arkansas Delta is a flat landscape of rich alluvial soils formed by repeated flooding of the adjacent Mississippi. Farther away from the river, in the southeast portion of the state, the Grand Prairie consists of a more undulating landscape. Both are fertile agricultural areas.

Crowley’s Ridge is a notable and unusual geological formation which bisects the Delta Region. Crowley’s ridge is not a ridge as one might see in a mountainous area, but rather, a narrow band of rolling hills which rises up between 250 to 500 feet above the surrounding plain.

The mountainous portion of the state is also divided into two major parts, the Ozark Plateau, which includes the Boston Mountains, and the Quachita Mountains further South. The two regions are delineated by the Arkansas River. Arkansa’s mountains lie between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains. The highest point in the state is Mount Magazine in the Ozarks, at 2,753 feet above sea level.

Arkansas is also cave country, with some famous ones, such as Blanchard Springs Caverns. The state is the only state in the nation where diamonds are mined, though not commercially, and the state is also rich in Native American archeology.

Source: Wikipedia

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